Since 1992, Finish Line Ministries’ has partnered with hundreds of churches, schools, camps, conferences and colleges in the United States for the purpose of presenting the Gospel message, through dynamic speaking and outreach. The Speaking and Outreach Ministry serves as a catalyst for thousands of adults and students to encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sean Patrick and Shamus Strapp are gifted communicators with a great passion to serve others and deliver a message of hope, challenge, and encouragement.  Click HERE for more information.






In 2000, the Lord opened the door for Finish Line Ministries International (FLMI) to partner with a Malawian pastor by the name of Love Kaphesi for the purpose of training pastors and planting churches in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.  From 1986 to 1999, Love planted 66 churches on his own and had a combined congregation of more than 10,000 people. Though his churches were growing, he recognized the need for better training among his pastors. He turned to FLMI and asked for help. From this initial request, the framework for our ministry together was formed.  

Over the years, churches and friends of FLMI have prayed for and financially supported our work in Africa.  Annually, teams from the USA have traveled to Malawi to train pastors and preach the Gospel. Thousands of people have come to know Christ, new churches have been planted, and Christians have grown in their faith.  In addition, pastors have been trained and orphans have been cared for and educated.

Today, there are more than 85,000 people attending 275 FLMI churches throughout Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.  In addition, our Pastors Bible School trains pastors and our Orphanage & Day School Ministry cares for and educates more than 370 children each year.  To God be the glory!  

What We Do

Training Pastors
- Pastors Bible Institute (Malawi & Mozambique)
- Annual Pastors Conference

Equipping The Church
- Bible Distribution
- Bicycle Distribution
- Church Construction

Providing For Orphans
- Orphan & Day School Ministry
- Providing Hope Child Sponsorship Program
- Finish Line Ministries International Secondary School

Reaching The Lost
- Outreach and Church Planting
- Impact Africa Short Term Mission Teams
- USA Speaking & Outreach Ministry

How God Has Used Us

Great things were accomplished in and through Finish Line Ministries International in 2015.  The proclamation of God’s Word served as the catalyst for thousands of changed lives here
at home and in southeast Africa.  Thank you to those who pray for and financially support our work in the United States and Africa.  Thank you for making a great impact for the cause of Jesus Christ.

In 2015, The Lord Used The People And Programs
Of Finish Line Ministries International To See:

- 102,000+ People Ministered To In Live Audiences
- 7,961 People Come To Faith In Jesus Christ
- 1,947 Christians Renew Their Faith Commitment
- 1,127 Bible Distributed To African FLMI Believers
- 370 Orphans And Vulnerable Children Cared For In Malawi
- 49 Students Graduate From Finish Line's Secondary School In Malawi
- 43 Bicycles Distributed To Finish Line Pastors
- 23 Finish Line Churches Built In Remote African Villages
- 12 Men Graduate From Finish Line's Pastors Bible Institute In Malawi
- 10 Finish Line Churches Planted In Remote African Villages

Praise God For A Growing Work:

- 85,000+ Finish Line Church Members Throughout Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe
- 10,000+ Total Bibles Distributed To Believers Attending Finish Line Churches
- 370 Total Children Enrolled in FLMI's Orphan & Day School Ministry
- 275 Total FLMI Churches Planted In Remote African Villages

Executive Staff

Sean Patrick | President

Love Kaphesi | Executive Director


Yohane Kaphesi | Assistant Director

Shamus Strapp | Int'l Ministry Liaison