Equipping The Church

Bible Distribution

Equipping Christian Men And Women With A Personal Copy Of God's Word

The vast majority of believers in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe do not have a copy of God’s word. Imagine the excitement they experience when coming to understand the saving knowledge of Jesus and then to be left without a way to continue to learn more about His promises and love for them. The Bible Distribution Initiative is committed to placing a Bible into the hands of brothers and sisters who desire to grow in Christ-likeness and provides them a way to deepen their personal relationship with Him.  

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Bicycles For Pastors

Equipping Pastors To Effectively Accomplish The Work Of The Ministry

By providing a simple mode of transportation, the Bicycle Distribution Initiative maximizes the effectiveness and energy of the pastors in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Can you imagine walking hundreds of miles--day after day, to share the gospel of Jesus? These pastors do, without complaint, because they understand that time is fleeting and people are dying without Christ. The bicycles serve as a more efficient way for them to shepherd their people, preach the Gospel, and plant new churches.

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Church Construction

Equipping Finish Line Congregations With Permanent Church Buildings

When the temperatures rise, Finish Line congregations are forced to meet beneath the shade of large trees. When the rainy season comes, our people gather under the seeping shelter of a thatch roof. The Church Construction Initiative exists to provide church buildings for Finish Line congregations, offering them a cool and dry location for corporate worship. The ministry that takes place and the worship that resounds within the  walls of each church building, serve as a beacon of light to the unreached people living in the village.

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